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Deleveraging in the Eurozone | vox
Dec 17, 2011 . This column examines the evolution of loan-to-deposit ratios in big European banks. It says banks have been buying back their debt securities, .


FDIC: Banks Operating at 79% Loan-to-Deposit Ratio
Mar 3, 2010 . Total loans among all banks amount to $7.28 trillion while total deposits are $9.22 trillion. That's a 79% loans-to-deposit ratio, and that's a good .

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This Is What European Banks' Loan-To-Deposit Ratios Look Like ...
May 23, 2012 . For those who feel like spreading rumors about European deposit insurance, please do. But at least have some sense about what it would .

Loan-To-Deposit Ratio (LTD) Definition | Investopedia
A commonly used statistic for assessing a bank's liquidity by dividing the banks total loans by its total deposits. This number, also known as the LTD ratio, .

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In Europe, Banks Borrowing to Stay Ahead of the Tide -
Jun 10, 2012 . That is why European banks have an average loan-to-deposit ratio exceeding 110 percent — meaning that on any given day, they owe more .

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Banking agencies issue host state loan-to-deposit ratios
Jun 29, 2012 . Banking Agencies Issue Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Deposit .

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Sovereigns, Banks, and Emerging Markets: Detailed Analysis ... - IMF
Figure 2.16. Bank Loan-to-Deposit Ratios. (In percent). Sources: SNL Financial; and IMF staff estimates. Note: Based on large banks in each economy. 0.4. 0.6 .

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What is loan-deposit ratio? definition and meaning
Definition of loan-deposit ratio: The amount of a bank's loans divided by the amount of its deposits at any given time. The higher the ratio, the more the bank is .

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China may relax the banks' loan-to-deposit ratio requirement
Jul 5, 2012 . We noted that liquidity in the Chinese banking system appears to be tight these days, and as a result, the People's Bank of China has done .

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Section 109 Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios - Board of Governors ...
Jun 29, 2012 . If the bank's statewide loan-to-deposit ratio is at least one-half of the published host state loan-to-deposit ratio, the bank has complied with .

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Developments in the Commercial Bank Loan Deposit Ratio, March ...
65. Developments in the Commercial Bank Loan-Deposit Ratlo. Throughout the postwar years the over-all loan-deposit ratio of the banking system has moved .

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Analysis: Ranks of tight-fisted community banks surge | Reuters
Jul 9, 2012 . About 14 percent of the community banks analyzed had a loan-to-deposit ratio of less than 51 percent in the first quarter, nearly double the .

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Loan to Deposit Ratio
Liquidity and the Loan to Deposit Ratio. Loans in the numerator of the formula are investments or assets for a bank. Deposits in the denominator of the formula .

Foreign banks anxious to meet China's loan-deposit requirements ...
May 23, 2012 . All of the 39 foreign banks operating in China have now met the requirement of keeping their loan-to-deposit ratio under 75%. But many of them .

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in banks' funding patterns at the global level . deposit ratios decreased from their peak . loan-to-deposit ratios compiled on the basis of supervisory data .

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Banking Basics
Still others will seek loans from the bank. . The reserve ratio is the ratio of a bank's reserves (deposits at the Fed plus vault cash) to its demand deposits, i.e. .

Highest Loan-to-Deposit Ratio and Lowest Stable - Economics and ...
Jun 27, 2012 . The first chart gives the loan-to-deposit ratio of large banks in Europe, United States, Japan and Emerging Markets from 1996 to 2011 .

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High loan-to-deposit ratio stifles Chinese banks' growth – opinion
Aug 13, 2012 . The nation's stringent 75% loan-to-deposit ratio not only puts undue stress on banks' future earning potential, it diminishes their .

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Relaxation on loan-to-deposit ratio? | Institute for New Economic ...
Mar 3, 2012 . She suggested that inter-bank deposits should be counted when calculating LTD ratio (loan-to-deposit ratio) so that the LTD ratio of national .

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Is the loan-to-deposit ratio still relevant? - Tags: BANK loans BANK ...
EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Is the loan-to-deposit ratio still relevant?. Get access to over .

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China to relax loan-to-deposit ratio rules -paper | Reuters
Jul 5, 2012 . "China's current loan-to-deposit ratio is already higher than mid-2009. The ratio has crimped bank lending and forced banks to raise deposit .

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Spain's Economic Turmoil Camouflages BBVA's True Potential ...
Jun 6, 2012 . The importance of a bank's loan deposit ratio as a measure of liquidity and financial stability can't be emphasized enough. At its most basic .

CEE Banking Sector Report - Raiffeisen Bank International AG
was roughly 1%. Moreover, many banking sectors in CEE improved their resil- ience by bringing down loan-to-deposit ratios. Therefore, the region appears less .

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Loan-deposit ratio may tie RBI hands on rates - Economic Times
Mar 30, 2012 . MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India is facing yet another challenge in its endeavor to lower benchmark rates, as high loan-to-deposit ratio will .

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The Banking System: Commercial Banking - Key Ratios/Factors ...
The loan/deposit ratio helps assess a bank's liquidity, and by extension, the aggressiveness of the bank's management. If the loan/deposit ratio is too high, the .

Funding pressure on mortgage rates -
May 25, 2012 . Banks that get more of their funding from wholesale markets are . Santander has a loan to deposit ratio of 138 per cent, while Lloyds' ratio is .

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Australia's banks facing a culture shift
May 5, 2012 . On the loan-deposit ratio measure, our banks most closely resemble the European banks, in fact. They can borrow more easily, and their .

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What is loan-deposit ratio? definition and meaning
Definition of loan-deposit ratio: The amount of a bank's loans divided by the amount of its deposits at any given time. The higher the ratio, the more the bank is .

Domestic credit provided by banking sector (% of GDP) | Data | Table
The banking sector includes monetary authorities and deposit money banks, as well as . Examples of other banking institutions are savings and mortgage loan institutions and building and loan associations. . Bank capital to assets ratio (% ) .

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Obsolete bank ratio ready for the chopping block -
Jul 16, 2012 . It was recently reported that the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) is considering scrapping loan-to-deposit ratio (LDR) .

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Loan Deposit Ratio - Finance Trainer
Loan Deposit Ratio – New and Improved. Liquidity management is a major current challenge in bank management. The loan deposit ratio (LDR) is an – albeit .

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Sober Look: Loan to deposit ratios comparison
Apr 16, 2012 . Staying with the topic of periphery banks, here is a comparison of loan to deposit ratios for various nations' banking sectors. This is an .

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