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Bank Deposits Definition | Investopedia
Money placed into a banking institution for safekeeping. Bank deposits are made to deposit accounts at a banking institution, such as savings accounts, .


Finance and Banking Glossary - Bankopedia
Finance glossary containing simple explanations of financial, investment and banking terms defined in a straightforward, easy to understand manner.

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Banking Terms Glossary | Peoples National Bank - banking, terms ...
Understand banking terms and definitions with this helpful banking glossary.

Banker's Glossary - A - American Banker
Banks Can Make Small-Dollar Credit Products Work · Visit BankThink » . Ex- Sterling Lenders Receive Long Prison Terms for Fraud Scheme. 05:50PM ET . Under the revised Article 9, the definition of accounts is much broader. The revised .

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General Awareness for Bank PO's and Clerks: Banking Terms
Banking Terms. 1. What is a Repo Rate? A: Repo rate is the rate at which our banks borrow rupees from RBI. Whenever the banks have any shortage of funds .

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Banking Glossary, Financial Terms, Definitions, Abbreviations
banking Glossary Easy-to-use free banking glossary with over 27,00 terms. Concise, clear, and comprehensive.

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Banking Terms - Glossary of Banking Terms and Definitions
Sep 23, 2011 . Many of us develop cold feet at the mention of carrying out banking transactions, all this because of the confusing technical terms associated .

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Bank - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The definition of a bank varies from country to country. . and this Act contains a statutory definition of the term banker: banker includes .

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Definition of Banking Terms
Definitions of Banking Terms. Acquisition The process of buying or acquiring some asset or an entire company. Activity This consists of the primary banking .

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Banking Dictionary - Bank Terms Definition and Glossary
Bank Dictionary and Banking Terms with Definitions and Glossary of Banks. Accounts and Private Bank Benefits. The Terminology of Financial Information - List .

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Did you run across an unfamiliar term when applying for a mortgage, credit card or auto loan? Find the meaning here, along with definitions of other financial words and phrases, in Bankrate.com's financial . Banking and the economy .

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Dictionary of Banking Terms and Phrases
Dictionary of Banking Terms and Phrases. A B C D . There is typically a maximum (or ceiling) and a minimum (or floor) defined in the loan agreement. If interest .

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Glossary of Banking Terms and Definitions
Jun 5, 2010 . Banking Terms- our analysts have used terms like repo rate, reverse repo rate and host of other ratios which might not be easily .

Maybank2u.com - Terms & Conditions of Mobile Banking

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Banking financial definition of Banking. Banking finance term by the ...
The network of institutions and laws that provide a great variety of financial services. At its most basic, banking involves an institution holding money on behalf of .

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Shadow Banking System Definition | Investopedia
The financial intermediaries involved in facilitating the creation of credit across the global financial system, but whose members are not subject to regulatory .

Bank Draft Definition | Investopedia
A type of check where the payment is guaranteed to be available by issuing bank . Typically, banks will review the bank draft requester's account to see if .

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Banking Dictionary: Aaa to Adjusted Capital Ratio from Answers.com
This quick-reference Dictionary of Banking Terms — ideal for professionals, students and the general reader — provides definitions for terms relating to banking .

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What is banking? definition and meaning
Definition of banking: In general terms, the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities, and then lending out .

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SMS Banking services - Terms and Conditions 1: Definitions 2 ...
SMS Banking services - Terms and Conditions. 1: Definitions. When used in these Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings: .

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A glossary of terms used in payments and settlement systems
17. Term. Definition. Source credit institution the definition given to a “bank” in the European Union. The First. EC Banking Directive defines it as an undertaking .

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HSBC Amanah - Islamic Banking Glossary
Definitions of the most commonly used terms in Islamic banking. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Amanah: Trust, with associated meanings .

MOBILE BANKING TERMS & CONDITIONS. 1. Definitions: "Alerts" mean the customised messages in response to the Triggers sent as SMS (as defined herein) .

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Banking Glossary | Definitions of Banking Terms
Personal finance glossary: Definitions for Banking terms.

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Finance: Money & Banking
Money & Banking Terms. Definitions of the following terms are taken directly from Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms, 7th Edition, John .

Check 21 Terms and Definitions : Insite Banking System
This is an alphabetical listing of important terms contained in the Check 21 Act: ACH-Based Electronic Check: A payment that begins as a source document is .

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Glossary of Banking Terms from Bank of America
Bank of America gives you definitions for dozens of bank terms related to checking and savings accounts in a comprehensive glossary.

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banking terminology wikipedia (more info)

Loan Term - Definition of Loan Terms - Banking / Loans - About.com
A loan's term can refer to two things. First, it tells you how long the loan will exist. It can also refer to requirements and specifics of the loan agreement.

Highland Banks - Definitions of Terms
Definitions of Terms. Daily Available Balance: Funds you have deposited into your account for which the bank has received payment. Average Positive Available .

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Huntington - Definitions for Terms Used in Online Banking
Huntington Online Banking Definitions. Account Balance. The sum of Today's Beginning Balance + Pending Transactions. For accounts that do not have .

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Bank Endorsement Definition | Investopedia
An endorsement by a bank for a negotiable instrument, such as a banker's acceptance or time draft, that assures the counterparty that the bank will stand behind .

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Loan Terms & Definitions | Tidelands Bank | A local bank focused on ...
Loan Terms & Definitions Interest Rate – Interest rate is the cost of borrowing money as a yearly percentage. Annual percentage rate (APR) includes fees...

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